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Te Ara Pataka

Track Status:
Kaituna Valley – Packhorse Hut Track
Tramp easyEasy tramping track - well formed track
2 hours one way
Dogs prohibitedProhibited
Great first overnight tramp for kids.
Track Status:

Climb through bush to Packhorse Hut. Stream crossing on stepping stones but be prepared to get wet feet after rain. Track open during lambing for Packhorse access. Overnight users must book hut on

Track features:
Native bush, Historic, Sign posted
Obtain "Banks Peninsula Conservation Walks" brochure before departing for detailed directions on how to find and follow this walk.
Available from:
  • Akaroa isite Visitor Information Centre, 61 Beach Road, Akaroa, 03 304 7784
  • DOC Visitor Centre, 28 Worcester Boulevard, Christchurch 8140, 03 379 4082
  • Little River Information Station, Old Railway Building, Main Highway, 03 325 1320
  • Lyttelton Information Centre, 20 Oxford Street, Lyttelton, 03 328 9093
  • Download brochure